India contains a rich smörgåsbord of languages which belong to different linguistic stocks and represent different typological characteristics. It is estimated that there are about one thousand languages spoken in South Asia, making it one of the most diverse linguistic regions in the world. This region includes languages from the Indo-European language family, the Dravidian family, the Tibeto-Burman language family, the Austro-Asiatic language family, a language isolate (Burushaski) and many unclassified languages.

India also displays many diverse social patterns. While some groups in this region are nomads who move regularly from one place to another with their livestock, other groups live permanently in villages and in cities. While some follow Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity or Zoroastrianism as their only religion, others follow one or more of these in addition to a belief in their local deity. Differences can also be seen in other fields (for instance, methods of cultivation, matrimonial customs and architecture).

India has a long history of linguistic diversity and multilingualism which extends back several millennia. Despite this stable multilingualism, language death is not uncommon in this region. While a few languages (such as Sanskrit, Tibetan or Tamil) have a long tradition of written literature, there is very little information available concerning the vast majority of languages.

The aim of this project is to collect, organize and disseminate information on some lesser-known Indian languages, many of which are threatened with extinction. The project will include linguistic documentation (i.e. texts and speech files) as well as documentation anchoring this linguistic material to social and cultural aspects of these communities.

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