2018 Google SEO – The Algorithm Basics

So you have took on the daunting task of SEO for your website or business…

You begin a quick study on YouTube and perhaps find Neil Patel or someone selling a course on you can rank #1. Not so fast!

As years go on the algorithm is constantly changing. No more keyword stuffing, meta tags overload with competitor keywords and no link building for just guest comment posting.

This year 2018 may be the best year for a new business or someone looking to venture in blogging. “What do you mean?”

Google is trying to think more human…This implies that if someone writes to offer more information, can create a business, website or blog that shows people spending time on it.(low bounce rate) They will be rewarded with a higher ranking based on the keywords, solution or topic.

Sounds simple, Right? The key is to keep publishing new content, compelling content and keep readers engaged. Still sounds easy, right? Here is what we forgot to mention…


Still play a valuable role in your ranking and authority. These are your website links that are posted on the world wide web on another site by comments, or someone else mentions your site in article. SEO Gilbert includes reviews of your product and putting your link in the site. This could be a social post or you-tube link as well. This can be done organically or through paid advertising. The more sites that link to your site that have what is known as authority the better you perform in the rankings.

Bounce rate

As previously mentioned before the detail of the bounce rate is judged by someone searching a keyword based on your topic, product or blog chooses your website and stays to either read your blog, make a purchase, engage or comment and so on. The more the site is landed on with a low bounce rate you then are rewarded by moving in ranks.

Sandbox theory

This is the theory when your website or blog is new, has no authority and is not registered or crawled in google index. To this point of the sandbox theory it states that a new site or blog etc is not ranked or shown in results of google for 2-6 months. SEO company Gilbert AZ experts find ways around this by guest posting, creating a sitemap, using google search console, or hiring another expert to write content and link their site. Below we will state the factors, tools to help you understand how it comes together.