Now that I have clustered your brain with the tech portion of what SEO is here I like to share the things to consider that help your SEO on your site.

Topic about product, problem, review, blog or information-No matter what you are writing you need to think a clear message of what the reader wants. The google algorithm is looking for keywords, solutions to a question or a product that the person is searching for. Example: (Product-bug killer) Your keyword is better related in solving a problem. State the topic as the solution. PreBUGvent-bug problems? should of PreBugVent them. Then in your first keywords keep the dialogue the same. Stating problems and the solution of your product. Example of first sentence: PreBUGvent is the only natural, non-toxic 6 month bug problem solution. My second sentence would probably contain types of bugs that are searched high in google trends. This now should be used in or as my meta tag to show in google or any search engine.

Keywords on topic: Sometimes it is best to use the information source like google and use their tool. Google trends will allow you to plug in keywords based on your topic and show you keywords related to it and how they have been used over time to search. This still applies, Use keywords based on those trends and use them to capture those search results and to drive the audience to stay. You cannot, I REPEAT…Cannot just use trends and write articles or product and include like fort nite at Victoria secret for the ultimate WWE battle with the rock Dwayne Johnson. You will create that bounce rate we spoke of earlier.

My final point: Look at what you are searching for, how can you create the best copy, finalize the solution without doubt and give it time…

Some of the most creative ways I have seen is including product reviews and letting them know. This is creating a link to their site. SEO is called Search Engine Optimization. if you look at those keywords of it you soon realize the answer. You need to write to optimize the solution to problems. Google is a source of information used to find products, solutions, topics, groups and integrated with user feedback to OPTIMIZE the results seen.