Alt tags

These are highly overused or under used. Alt tags are used for the visually impaired for the images on your site. Some people just used to stuff them with keywords, competitor’s names, link other sites and more. The new authority way is to utilize these in the way they should be used. A simple description of what the image on your website is showing. Color, size, even ingredients on a bottle. Alt tags use what they call a screen reader and when someone is partially blind or has different disabilities to use this feature it actually speaks what you type in there. Google seems to reward those now that are using this feature for what it is. Those who stuffed those words and create a higher bounce rate will be shown less.

Meta tags

You will hear all kinds of explanation of what this is or what it does. The simple fact is that it is a part of the description of what is on your site that shows in Google Mobile Search Results. It’s when you type in a keyword and that product or topic shows up the description underneath that is read to keep users engaged or click on your site. This brings up the next tool.


Known as click through rate. This is the portion of when a site is shown in search results and it is clicked based on the topic or keyword. This is usually based on a percentage of how many your site was shown and how many times it was clicked.